For someone like me who loves outdoor adventures and trekking in general, I think the trekking poles are fantastic. They are advantageous in reducing the strain on my legs and especially knees. All those who trek might know how difficult it is to go uphill without any support and how difficult it is to maintain balance on rough paths. Trekking poles help me improve my balance, keep me steady on rough paths and help me when I’m crossing small lakes or streams. They not only help in balancing body weight but also in maintaining a good rhythm in walking.

One good thing about this product is that there is no age bar in using the trekking poles. They can be used by people of any age, gender or weight. Kids can jump and hop using them; adults can use them to maintain a rhythmic walk pattern and old people can bring these to their advantage by making sure they are not out of breath by walking too much or too fast.

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About Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles

As trekking is becoming more and more of a trend these days, so are hiking poles. They have in fact become an indispensable tool for the casual walkers, serious trekkers and just people in general who like outdoor wandering. It is a benefit that these Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles are fully adjustable. There is a straightforward and easy to work with twist lock that one can use to shorten or lengthen the pole. This way, it becomes to convenient to use whether you are climbing uphill and need a short pole or while you are coming back downhill and are comfortable to take long strides and want to use a longer pole.

However, it is designed in such a manner that can be retracted to 23” so that it can be easily fit in your backpack of any size or shape. Each and every pole has an ergonomic plastic grip as well as a secondary soft foam grip along with a sturdy and adjustable wrist strap to make your experience all the way more convenient. For rough lands and craggy terrains, the carbonite tip of the pole is ideal to use.

Features and Specifications

  • The trekking poles are not heavy at all. Also, they are durable aluminum poles which can be extended.
  • The poles can be adjusted to ease with locks that work with a simple twist facility.
  • The poles have a carbonite tip, vulcanized rubber foot or screw on snow tip depending on the terrain you use them on.
  • It reduces stress on your body parts as it has an internal shock spring.

Benefits Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles

Lightweight and Durable

The fact that the trekking poles are made of aluminum not only makes them easy to carry and lightweight but also durable and long lasting. They are not vulnerable to heavy winds and storms, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking on the way. As an additional benefit, you can also use them as tent poles. This saves you space in your backpack as now you don’t have to carry two different kinds of poles. They will keep you energetic until the end of the trek as you don’t feel tired or short of breath. They are easy to carry and helpful when you’re making long journeys. A pair of these fantastic poles weighs nothing more than 1.5 lbs.

Twist Lock

Another good point about the Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles is that they come with a handy twist-lock facility. Every section can be locked in with an easy twist and also has measurements so that the height settings can be precise, according to your needs. You don’t even have to worry about storing them because when you are not using them, the 53” poles can be retracted to 23” with a telescoping twist lock system. You can carry them in your backpack or even in your hands and thus, they can be stored easily when you’re not using them.

Interchangeable Tips

For maximum convenience and control on different terrains, the trekking poles come with three different handy options. The carbonite tips can be used on rocky, rough and uneven terrain, the vulcanized rubber foot for hard and flat surfaces where you need to hold something stable but easy and the snow tip can be used to prevent the pole from sinking into the soft ground while you’re walking on snow.

Internal Anti-Shock Spring

The hiking poles by Crown Sports Goods have internal anti-shock spring which is there in the bottom section of the pole. This helps in lessening the stress up to 25% from your lower body and also your joints and muscles. It is beneficial that the poles have an ergonomic grip; a secondary soft foam grip as well has robust and adjustable writ straps.

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Customer Reviews

The trekking poles have been reviewed by over 100 people who have given it an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. One customer, who is 66 years of age has appreciated the product and said that it is helpful in walking. The trekking poles worked well for his height as he stretched it to its full 53” length. Another lady who is a frequent trekker called the product fantastic as these poles helped her in completing a long, difficult trek successfully.

Various customer reviews help you to know better about the product as a lot of people have shared their first-hand experience of using the product. The shock resistant technique, the soft grip, and ease of usage has been appreciated by many customers.


In conclusion, it won’t be wrong to say that these Crown Sporting Goods Trekking Poles are ideal for people who go for frequent treks and have some knowledge of how to use trekking poles well. Since they come with three different kinds of interchangeable tips, they can be very easily used on different lands and surfaces.

They can also be extended and retracted according to the height of the trekker and his convenience. The secure lock system also makes it simple to store the poles when one is not using them. All its features, as well as the positive feedback from the customers, make it a must buy for all the trekkers who look forward to an amazing experience on their next trek.