Most parts of my childhood was spent in a hilly region and in that part of the world, trekking and mountaineering was very popular. That is what made me an avid trekker and imbued a sense of wonder in my heart. In my early days I found out all trekkers had trekking poles, some used even to carry it without knowing its purpose. For me, trekking poles had never been a part of my trek. I learned how to use trekking poles, and it is only then I planned to purchase them and take them with me during treks. Using trekking poles or hiking sticks always saved the extra pain while traveling through longer and steep trails. It also prolonged and added life to my legs, feet, and especially knees.

In last few decades, I have seen that trekking poles have almost become a mandatory thing for hikers or trekkers. A majority of day hikers or seasoned mountaineers use them now. There are many advantages of using hiking poles now, but the main reason is that they reduce the stress on your body during both the descent as well as the ascent.

About High Trek Trekking Poles

High Trek Trekking Poles are designed in such a way that they can be used even to climb the highest mountains. These hiking poles are adjustable from 64-135 cm (25 to 53 inches). It comes with an easy flip lock system that can easily adjust them, thus preventing accidental possibilities. These hiking poles weigh around 8.5 ounces and come with mud/snow basket that is attached to the bottom. It prevents the poles from sinking into softer material. There are a lot of people who had observed that they felt less of pressure on their joints and knees when they used trekking poles during their treks.

These poles are easily collapsible and provide mobility to the trekkers as they can retract to 25 inches. They can be easily stored in the backpack when not in use. These poles are suitable for both men and women and will make great gifts for your friends who love trekking or otherwise.

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Features and Specifications

  • These trekking poles are durable and light in weight as compared to other trekking poles.
  • The height of these trekking poles is adjustable and come with easy lever lock system.
  • The trekking poles have comfortable grips and have EVA handles with adjustable wrist straps.
  • It has tungsten tipped ends with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets.


Lightweight And Strong

High Trek Trekking Poles are designed with aerospace grade 7075 aluminum, similar to the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles, that makes it more durable due to the use of this high-quality aluminum alloy. They are made up of pure aluminum and not with a mix of carbon and aluminum, and that is what makes it less vulnerable to breakage and splintering during heavy winds and storms. The trekking poles weigh just 8.5 ounces each making it very lightweight to carry during treks. It softens the impact of the pain on your knees which makes the journey easier on your joints.

Easily Adjustable

The set of trekking poles by High Trek are easily adjustable from 25 inches to 53 inches. They have a lever lock height adjustment that makes it perfect for people of all heights be it short or tall. This adjustment feature is something that makes it stand out. Due to this feature, it is ideal for the use of people of all height. It can be retracted and easily stored in a backpack when not in use.

EVA Grip

The grip of these High Trek Trekking Poles is exceptional that makes it very comfortable. They have ergonomically designed EVA handles that provide all day comfort to the users. They come with easily adjustable wrist straps ensuring that you don’t drop them accidentally because of the slippage and sweat in your hands. It is mandatory to take care of the safety of the trekkers and walkers. Hence these comfortable and extended grips provide additional safety to them.

Made Up For All Terrain

As these trekking poles have ends made up of tungsten tips, therefore, they can tackle any type of terrain. They come with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets that can be attached to the end of the sticks. Mud and snow baskets will help one to keep the balance on the uneven terrain whereas one can remove them when they are not required.

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Customer Reviews

These trekking poles are great regarding its features and specifications and thus can be used by anyone irrespective of age, height, and their weight. A wide range of customers have brought this product and have dropped their reviews along with their experiences on Amazon. The average rating of the product is 4.6 out of 5 stars, and the total of over 200 customers have reviewed the product.

Various customers have appreciated the fact that these trekking poles have been successful in all kinds of terrain, slopes, and weather. A client has shared his experience of a 30 miles trek and how he didn’t come across any major problem except that the tip fell off once or twice. Otherwise, he was completely satisfied with these hiking poles.

These trekking poles are budget friendly thus they can be afforded by people of all segments. Additional to that it has all features that are required for an ideal pair of trekking poles.


If you want to give comfort from direct pressure to your knees and joints, then this set of High Trek Trekking Poles is exactly what you need. They are light in weight, durable and have collapsible telescoping design. They can be adjusted as and when requires as they have comfortable lever lock facility. Being highly portable, you’ll hardly ever encounter problems with storage and can probably throw it inside a backpack quite conveniently.

The EVA handle grip provides it the extra comfort that reduces the possibility of accidents during the trek. The hard rubber feet provide for a stable base and give the appropriate sturdiness to these poles. They come with easily detachable mud or snow baskets depending on the use of the product.