I have been using hiking sticks from the time I started hiking with my dad. As a kid, it was natural for me to pick up a stick and throw it or hit my brother with it. But whenever I found one which looked right I used to hang onto it and start using it to help myself on my way to the steeper stretches. That’s how I started my journey with using sticks – I started picking them up on the path. Pretty much every other day I used to find a stick and complete my trek until I realized that there is a thing called trekking poles and walking sticks that are exclusively made for this purpose.

I saw a couple of trekking pole benefits and was convinced that I have to buy a pair of them for my next trek. Since I was unknown as to what features and specification I should look for in the trekking poles before buying them, I took the help from my dad who is much more experienced than me and he asked me to purchase the poles which are compact in size and lightweight to carry.

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About Life in Motion Trekking Poles

The pair of Life In Motion trekking poles is built with the lightweight and durable aluminum 7075 shafts. These are perfect for all types of treks and hikes from strenuous Nordic walking to backpacking or hiking through rugged trails. Each pole can be collapsed easily from 52 inches to 27 inches making it very compact in size. It has easy to use flip lock design that allows for quick height adjustments. The grips are made up of soft EVA like the Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles that is much thinner and more comfortable than standard plastic grips.

The strap that is attached is 1.4 inches wide and allows it to support your wrist without biting into it. It also has foam padding on the back that offers a more comfortable feel with less chafing which is crucial during long treks. The tips are made up of tungsten steel. Over a period of time of time, alike others the tips will wear out given that they are enough to use, and that is why these tips are easily replaceable.

Features and Specifications

  • The poles are light in weight, and each pair weighs so less, that they can be carried in a backpack.
  • It extends from 27” to 52” hence it can be used by anyone.
  • They are designed with aluminum 7075 shaft which makes it durable.
  • It comes with soft and comfortable EVA grip.
  • These poles have padded and extra wide nylon strap for comfort.
  • The poles can be adjusted with strong flip lock style locks.
  • They have easily replaceable tungsten steel tips.

Benefits Of Life In Motion Trekking Poles


Each Life In Motion trekking pole weighs only around 9.25 ounces which make the total weight of the pair just 2-1/2 ounces. Within this range, these are the lightest aluminum poles available in the market and can be easily carried through all trails.


These poles are made up of the best quality of aluminum hence they are very strong as compared to other carbon fiber poles that have the problem of breakage during stormy weather. Aluminum 7075 is used to design this that has a lot more strength than general purpose aluminum 6061.

Easy Flip Lock System

Once you adjust the height of the poles, these flip locks will not slip. They are quick and easy to fix by hand without the requirement of any other tools. The twist locks can be difficult in general as compared to the flip locks that are used in these poles.

Comfortable Foam Grip

Few trekking poles have cheap plastic or rubber grips that don’t absorb the sweat thus causing the blisters. Cork grips absorb more sweat as compared to the rubber ones, but foam grips are the best and most comfortable.

Replaceable Tips

Over the lapse of time, all tips wear down and are spoiled. This problem will not affect you any longer as this set of trekking poles has replaceable tips which all poles do not have. This specification will extend the life of your trekking poles for longer years. Replaceable tips are a must have feature in every trekking pole, if you want to have long-lasting durability.

Extra Accessories

Along with the pair of trekking poles, Life In Motion Trekking Poles come with one pair of mud basket, one pair of snow basket and a pair of extra rubber tip protectors. These additional accessories will give you extra benefits at the same cost. There aren’t many brands that offers a generous accessories with their products, which proves that Life in Motion is truly a company that cares.

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Customer Reviews

Over 100 customers have reviewed this product who has given it an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. You can find first-hand experiences of people with these trekking poles. Most of the customers have appreciated this for its design and style. The light in weight of these poles is extremely liked by people as these are easy to carry even through longer and steep trails. They are ideal for the use for both men and women and can be used as a gifting option too.


Life in Motion has come up with this fantastic set of trekking poles that can be used by hikers, trekkers, walkers irrespective of their age, height, and weight. The price of this set is affordable and reasonable. From design to comfortable grip to durability, this product by Life in Motion is one and all and stands apart from all other products in this range. These are light in weight and can be retracted and stored in a backpack, to be taken along anywhere.

The easy lock system and adjust-ability height option make this pair of trekking poles more user-friendly. In my opinion, anyone who goes on trekking often must buy this pair of trekking poles to have an enriching experience further. I suggest you try this set of trekking poles and observe how much difference it will make. After all picking the right poles isn’t as hard as it seems.