If you are an outdoorsman like me, you know that portability and durability are some of the most important factors when choosing your travel gear. Any experienced camper isn’t looking to drag those extra pounds up a mountain on a 3-day hike. No camper wants to have to constantly replace equipment because it keeps tearing, breaking, or melting. This leads me to my most recent purchase of the Montem Premium Pocket Blanket. I was recently in the market for a new multi-purpose blanket that I could keep in case of an impromptu picnic or keep in my hiking pack in case I needed an extra layer at night. More often than not during my times out and about I have found myself in need of a blanket, but I never wanted to clutter up my car or backpack with a bulky blanket. Like a sign from the heavens, I found the Montem Premium Pocket Blanket as a search suggestion. After purchasing it, I have found so many different uses for it, so I decided I’d share some of the best parts of it with all of you.

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Features of the Montem Pocket Blanket

Size and Dimensions

Since I am not a total social pariah I often go on my camping trips, trips to the park, or outdoor concerts and festivals with a few friends. I have slighted myself more than once by being the gal on the grass without a picnic blanket and getting bitten by all assortments of creatures below. With this Montem Premium Pocket Blanket, I not only had a blanket for myself but enough room for other people. I have found that in general, you can fit three individuals who are sitting or 2 people who are completely stretched out. This is ideal for a picnic or a trip to the park when you want just to lay out and soak up the sun while your dogs run around and have fun. The dimensions of the blanket are 55” X 60”. I have found this particularly comfortable when you just need an extra layer while out camping, and you can wrap yourself up a few times inside of the blanket.


As I mentioned before, durability is an incredibly important factor to me when choosing my camping equipment. One of the most appealing aspects of the Montem Premium Pocket Blanket is that it is puncture resistant. While reading through some of the reviews, I found that many people found this to be one of the most durable camping blankets that they have ever owned. One review even said that its puncture resistant material added to the comfort of the blanket. In my personal experience when out camping one of the worst feelings is sleeping on sticks and rocks when taking and unexpected break. The first time using this blanket on an off beaten path I was able to lay it down on the brush, broken sticks, and gravel and have an entirely comfortable nap. I was barely able to feel the ridiculous concoction of stiff material right underneath myself. The material it is made of is 100% rip stop polyester. This is the same material the wings of paragliders are made from, though I would recommend trying to do that with this blanket.


I’m not sure about all of you, but one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world to me is being damp or wet. All too often I find myself on a freshly cut field, or a wet beach, or a damp patch of grass while hiking up a mountain. Call me aquaphobic, but I won’t sit down until I know the area is completely dry. One of the biggest problems with most blankets is that they are so absorbent that once you set them down on damp ground or dew covered grass you are sure to have wet pants in a matter of minutes. Montem solves this problem with its rip stop polyester. This material completely repels water on the blanket keeping you comfortable, warm, and dry on the rainy days or dewy mornings. As if this wasn’t enough for you the Montem Premium Pocket Blanket is also water resistant. So if that wasn’t enough for you, the Montem blanket also doubles as a carrying case for various items you might take on a camping trip such as knives, flints, and small medical supplies.

Loops and Pockets

I’m sure any consistent campers knows that momentary feeling of panic when you wake up and wonder where your phone has gone while you were tossing and turning through the night. The Montem Premium Pocket Blanket has solved this problem by introducing corner pockets for various items such as phones, keys, wallets and much more. I have personally found on very windy days that you can use these pockets to put rocks in so your blanket doesn’t fly away from a rogue gust. But in the off chance that you do not want to use your pockets for rocks, the Montem Blanket also has loops on each corner that you can use to fasten the item down to strong and stable objects. You can also use these loops to turn the blanket into many other handy devices such as a tarp, or a dry bag for wet clothing.

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Customer Reviews

The Montem Premium Pocket Blanket is a versatile and truly handy tool for people of all professions. Even if you are not an avid camper you can use the blanket as a tarp for your firewood or just a picnic blanket while in the park.

I found dozens of positive reviews and experiences with the Montem Premium Pocket Blanket averaging five stars overall. The only complaint had from a customer was still a 4-star review that noted there was a stitching imperfection in the blanket. The customer went on to say that even despite that mistake in the stitching the blanket still performs flawlessly.


The Montem Premium Pocket Blanket is by far one of the most important textiles known except Aladdin’s magic carpet. There are so many uses for this blanket you might have to take up a few new hobbies to utilize them all. Like many other customers, I am extremely pleased with this product.